Doser dosing pumps are compact and can be used with various liquid types, chemical and non-chemical. The Doser is based on the GP-2 pump. The pumped liquid comes into contact with the hose only, allowing the user to choose the most suitable hose material for the job. Pump function is regulated at 1-350 ml/min. The Doser dosage pump can be easily wall-mounted on a din rail.

The advantages of DOSER chemical dosing pump:

  • Can be used individually or series of pumps
  • Can be used for pumping different kind of chemicals like acids, bases, bacterial solutions.
  • Insensitive to solids
  • Also suitable for viscous and corrosive substances
  • Dry-running is harmless for the pump
  • Easy to pump reversal
  • Easy mounting on DIN rail
  • Flexible programming of timing and the amount of dosage