A programmable and easy-to-use solution for efficient, reliable dosing

The cap pump maintains cleanliness and reduces maintenance costs for piping, tanks, and other ancillary pipe equipment. The cap pump uses a microprocessor controller to automatically and economically function with maximum efficiency. It regulates the exact chemical cleaning dosage that is fed into the integrated systems.


An adaptable and compact pump for tough environments

InnTech GP Series pump can be adapted for many applications. The pumped liquid is in contact with the hose only, which enables the user to choose the hose material based on the intended use. The GP-2 pump is available with a range of motor speeds providing pump capacity up to 350ml/min. The pump is resistant to all fluids contained in the solids. The components of the pump are easily replaceable.


The Doser can be used as one unit or as part of a group.

Doser dosing pumps can be programmed for a series of applications and uses. They are compact and multi-programmable for various liquid types, chemical and non-chemical. The Doser is based on the GP-2 pump. The pumped liquid comes into contact with the hose only, allowing the user to choose the most suitable hose material for the job. Pump function is regulated at 1-350 ml/min. The Doser dosage pump can be easily wall-mounted on a din rail.